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Activity of the company

On October 16, 1990 was established a small state-owned company "Lviv-EXPO" on the base of Lviv House of quality, metrology and standardization.

On June 20, 1991 it was reorganized into small-owned company "Lviv-EXPO; the capital fund was independently established by company.

On June З, 1992 "Gal-EXPO" Ltd. was registered and started its work.

On December 8, 1994 "Gal-EXPO" JSC was re-registrated as a legal representative of "Gal-EXPO" Ltd.

From the end of April, 1999 "Gal-EXPO" is a registered sign for products and services during conducting the exhibition events.

Since July, 2011 the enterprise has its current name - Private Joint-Stock Company "Gal-EXPO"®

On April 16, 1991 thanks to "Lviv-Contact-91" exhibition of Polish companies, which was held jointly with "Ukrapol" JV, a long tradition of cooperation with foreign companies in organizing exhibitions and business meetings was started. In October of that year the company is the co-organizer of the exhibition of Czech-Slovak companies "Lviv-91," which remains the largest exhibition (according the number of foreign companies) which was held in Lviv in times of the independent Ukraine. Since the beginning of next year, a series of exhibitions "Business meetings with Hungary" was launched; they were conducted in years 1992-1993. On the whole, in exhibitions were participated nearly 750 foreign companies during all the years of "Gal-EXPO" activity.

On January 24, 1993 the first exhibition, which was conducted according to company's own program, was held.
Since 2000 these exhibitions are conducting under registered sign “Galician expositions”®. “Woodprocessing” and “Dental®-Ukraine” are considered as most popular exhibitions for today. Exhibitions of construction and tourism thematic are of a great interest among visitors and participants. In 2010 the "Children's world" exhibition was held for the first time. During its 25 years of activity, the company has conducted exhibitions of 33 thematics.

Especially we should emphasize the "Ukraine-East-West" exhibitions, which were conducted in 1994-1995 together with the regional administrations and regional exhibition's partners from Luhansk, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Zaporizhia. These exhibitions helped to establish contacts with many today's business partners from Lviv region and regions, which were mentioned above. Together with it we have demonstrated cultural traditions of Western Ukraine in the east of our country.

Especially-honorable and extremely responsible direction of the "Gal-EXPO"® activity is the organization of exhibitions of Lviv region on national and international forums. Firstly, on August 23, 1996, "Gal-EXPO"® has taken the organization of Lviv regions' exposition at the jubilee exhibition "Ukraine-five years of independence" (Kyiv, Palace of Sports). The exhibition was attended by the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma and other state leaders. During following years "Gal-EXPO" many times was acted as the organisator of Lviv region's exhibitions on the all-ukrainian exhibitions, and also organized Ukrainian expositions at exhibitions in Poland, Italy, Hungary and Germany.

During next years, "Gal-EXPO"® organized the Lviv region's expositions at the "Ukraine. Look into the XXI Century" exhibition, which was dedicated to the annual meeting of the Board of Governors of the EBRD (1998), the "Folk Art in Lviv region" exposition and the exhibition of food industry during the creative report of Lviv region in Palace "Ukraine "in Kyiv (2001), at the Interstate fair exhibition of industrial technologies, means of production, goods and services of CIS countries in Kyiv (2003), in the frames of national exhibition events "Pictorial Ukraine" (2004, 2005, 2007, 2009-2013).

In April 1997 "Gal-EXPO"® JSC was a co-founder of Exhibition Federation of Ukraine, which today is an active community organization that brings together most of the major exhibition organizers in Ukraine. Then, "Gal-EXPO"® JSC has joined to CENTREX - the International Exhibition Statistics Union. So regular contacts and exchange experience with colleagues from Central and Eastern Europe were established. The data of major exhibitions, which are held by the company, is going through international audit under the rules of UFI and published in reputable directories of European exhibitions.

In addition, the company is actively working in several other civic organizations. "Gal-EXPO"® JSC is a long-lived member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The membership in the Association of Jewellers of Ukraine is increasing the level of the relevant thematic exhibitions. Also in 2008 the company acted as a co-founder of the Ukrainian Association of Woodworking Machinery.

For its work "Gal-EXPO"® JSC has been repeatedly awarded with diplomas of Lviv Regional State Administration and Lviv City Council.

In July 2000 the company was awarded with Honorary Diploma of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine for its significant contribution to the economy of Lviv region and for achievements in organizing exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

In June 2001 "Gal-EXPO"® JSC has won in one of the major nominations - "For integrity in business" on Lviv city competition "Town identity". In April 2009 the Company was awarded with the National Certificate "Industry Leader - 2008". A number of workers of the company has won awards and honors for its work.

In 2001 "Gal-EXPO"® JSC was the general compiler of "Investment Fair-2001" at the Economic Forum on Cross-Border Cooperation - the first major exhibition of investment projects in Ukraine.

Traditionally exhibitions of "Gal-EXPO"® JSC has an extensive program of related events - lectures, conferences, seminars, round tables. But also they conducted annual festivals of hairdressing, fashion shows; dental surgery was held directly at dental exhibition; also "Drymba" film tourism festival, scientific-practical forum "One step to energetic independence" was organized by the company etc.

Company actively helps in carrying out activities together with local Lviv authorities. Career fairs was repeatedly sponsored by the "Gal-EXPO"® JSC.

In 2009 the first fair "Lviv producer" was held together with the City Council, and in the winter of that year "Gal-EXPO"® JSC took part in organizing the First Lviv New Year-Christmas fair. Also, the company has assisted many time in conducting a variety of artistic activities and sport competiotions, city festivals and holidays.

In 2010 “Gal-EXPO”® Joint-Stock Company - the recognized leader of exhibition business on the right-bank Ukraine - has celebrated twenty years of its activity. "Gal-EXPO"® JSC - the oldest exhibition organizer in Ukraine, who is not a state-owned organization. Probably, in general there are very few companies and organizations in Ukraine that after the establishment in 1990 are still present. Not the number of years, but things made ​​over this period weighs on the scales of history.

And really was done a lot of things. For years, the company held 330 exhibitions in Lviv, Ukraine and abroad. According to its own program "Gal-EXPO"® JSC hosted over 250 international exhibitions, exhibitors were from about 14 000 enterprises and companies from Ukraine and 49 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Such giants of Ukrainian industry as the "South Engineering Plant", "Azovmash" concern, "AvtoZAZ", Research Institute of aviation technology, Kyivstar, UMC, the world's grants - Rehau, 3M, Weinig, KaVo and many other famous enterprises were among the participants of the exhibitions. The company has organized events for such world-renowned brands like Minolta, IVECO, Colgate-Palmolive, United Colors of Benetton, Intel. We can speak a lot about results, but it is clearly that the road to success was difficult enough.

Today only few people know that "Lviv-EXPO" its first exhibition as an independent company held not in Lviv, but in ... Moscow. This exhibition was one of the series of exhibitions "VAZ is looking for partners". These exhibitions were held in Lviv, Voronezh, Irkutsk and Chelyabynsk on the order of "AvtoVAZzapchastyny​​" PA.

Professional growth of staff was due to the acquisition of practical experience and in the course of professional contacts with colleagues. Company's staff visited the exhibitions not only in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine, but also in Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Switzerland. Everything seen and heard has orientated into practice activity. One of the first in Ukraine "Gal-EXPO"® JSC has introduced at its exhibitions automated system of applications, visitors' polls, bar-coding invitations, registration of visitors etc. Professional growth of staff was due to the acquisition of practical experience on the one hand and in the course of professional contacts with colleagues on the other. Employees of the company visited the exhibitions not only in Kyiv and other cities of Ukrain, but also in Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Switzerland. Everything seen and heard has orientated into practice activity. "Gal-EXPO"® JSC was one of the first exhibitions companies in Ukraine who has introduced to its exhibitions automated system of applications, visitors' polls, bar-coding invitations, registration of visitors etc.